The 2021 Africa Cup of Nations has brought into Cameroon many foreigners but it has also boosted Cameroon economic ingenuity.

Stationed along the road leading to the Japoma stadium in the Douala 3 sub division, men, women and children dressed in out soughted wears have built makeshift stands to triple their income. The kids join their parents after school to give a helping hand.

«  I come here every match day to sale my goods. I sale from morning till the end of the encounters programmed for the day » a female vendor speaks. « It is true that I started two days after the launch of the competition but business has been fruitful. I am optimistic I will make more profit with the start of games in Douala today. » Though making money is the primary goal, these vendors do not fail to put some AFCON decors around their stalls. Flags, pins, vuvuzela in case fans are in dire need.

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The area hitherto filled with ground and grass, has given way to water sales points, puff puff, food and drinking stands. No one comes and goes without being served. Another vendor tells us no official quit notice has been served them and they are selling freely

« For now, all we focus on is our business. We do not know about tomorrow but we are asked to leave, we’ll leave the area »

Stands pop up almost on a daily, everyone is struggling to get space to expose goods but the security of one another is preoccupying. « Since we leave very late at night, we arrange to move in groups. Moving from here to the road is not a short distance« 

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Douala is hosting group E made of Algeria, Sierra Leone,  Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea. Each game is always an opportunity to showcase new culinary and business skills to all who come to watch the game.

Veronica Aji