Chairs, sound quality, personnel, everything is being checked to ensure that on January 9, 2022 the game equally begins in bars, snack bars and night clubs.

At Olympium snack bar in Kotto in the Douala 5 sub division, all has been painted with the green-red and yellow colours. Hervé Nana, head of the drinking spot says ” all the staff will be wearing the lions Jersey, the snack bar would be an arena for football lovers to commune with their players but also a way of reviving the lion spirit”.

Managers of drinking spots are positive the AFCON competition will be exceptional in these drinking and leisure sites as such security must be taken seriously.

We have already asked for more security guards from the safety company, and they will make sure all our guests get into their cars or get a taxi safely each day

Eddy Bakam, commercial and marketing manager of Twist Night club in Akwa Douala. Same measure applies to security guards of Olympium who would have to work extra time.

Customer service is primordial, thus the staff will be reinforced to the satisfaction of clients “cleanliness is imperative so we would recruit more dry cleaners to keep toilets clean” Eddy Bakam, Twist night club.

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The football competition will equally be an opportunity for Cameroonians to show proof of their hospitalityour Djs are already getting abreast with latest songs from the foreign participants especially,  Tanzanian, Ugandan, Algerian and Moroccan songs” Eddy Bakam, Twist night club. Watching the games on TV equals good image quality, Hervé Nana and his team are promising “good images and commentaries thanks to a good satellite connection”.

Drinking spots in the economic city of Cameroon have fine tuned strategies to give clients the best AFCON experience and make them leave with smiles on their faces.

Veronica Aji