Dressed in shorts and tee-shirts for the boys, sepals-socks and gownsfor the girls, every evening, university students at Ange Raphael student zone in Douala, gather in their fan zones created in their hostels to watch the different games. Cameroon games are the most desired.

 » I watch mainly Cameron games from start to finish. The other games I can watch first half or second half only« , one of the students.

Lessons must continue but focusing while the football jamboree unfolds is challenging especially when host country Cameroon is on the spotlight  » When Cameroon is playing, I can either cancel my extra classes or postpone. But trust me it is tough to mix leisure and lecture this period. Arnold a University student. For Kegne, one must not forget reality

« yes, Cameroon is celebrating football but after the game. What next? Life must continue so I do not forget my objectives ».

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The first phase of group games of the 33rd AFCON has received much appreciation from the University student community described as a dream come true  » Personnaly I have been watching other football competitions, I have been watching the AFCON in other African countries but I must admit, living the moment is a lifetime dream. The infrastructures, the enthusiasm and of course knowing that all the attention is in my country makes me proud« . Poula, student.

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The game is still on, but many have not been chanced to have a direct contact with their football icons.  » Getting to the stadium is not easy and you know, most of the games this far have been programmed during lecture time so I can only watch on television« . Others, used to watching international competitions, already know how to fit the AFCON in their schedule  » I have been watching European league competitions which take place almost at the same time like the games played here so I know how to manage my time« . Once again, football assembles everyone.

Veronica Aji