Dr. Biakolo Essomba in Manipal Hospital in India

39-year-old Dr. Biakolo Essomba underwent a successful liver transplant in June 2022, at the Manipal Hospital in India. Liver transplant in Cameroon, is yet to be legalised as texts guiding body part transplant are yet to be reviewed and adopted at the national assembly and senate.

The doctor who aspires to dedicate his life to helping others and working to ensure that patients have healthier and happier lives, suffered from liver failure at age of 38 and was advised to have an immediate liver transplant. He was was referred to Manipal Hospital in India for further treatment and after tests with his sister who was compatible, the transplant was done.

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Dr. Baikolo without any complications

Dr. Rajiv Lochan, Lead Consultant – HPB and Liver Transplantation Surgery, Manipal Hospitals, India, said “Liver diseases are one of the most common problems all over the world that can lead to liver failure in the future. In this case, the patient’s sister did an admirable job by stepping forward to save the life of her beloved brother and inspiring many to serve this noble cause. There were smiles all around as the duo walked through the hallway of Manipal Hospital with a smile of gratitude, hope, and readiness to experience a beautiful life ahead. Dr. Baikolo is travelling back to Cameroon without any complications. With the help of our expert team, we were able to address the condition of the patient and were able to provide him with the best treatment options available.”

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Manipal Hospital in India, over 4 million patients annually

Liver failure is becoming very common among people of different age groups and with organ donation, many lives can be saved. However, despite advances in medical technology, there is still fear and stigma associated with this noble cause. Various reports, the rate of organ donation is less than one donor per million people. Organ donation saves not only the patients’ lives but also the lives of their families.

Manipal Hospitals is India’s second-largest multi-specialty healthcare provider treating over 4 million patients annually and provides comprehensive curative and preventive care for a multitude of patients from around the globe.

Veronica Aji