SB Capital launch in Douala

SB Capital, specialised in exchange of foreign currency and international money transfer, has launched its activities in Douala, on Monday, 26th July 2021.

Figures from an English institution Bretton Woods in 2016, stated that money sent from the Diaspora to Cameroon amounted to 585 billion FCFA contributing to 2% of the country’s Public Investment Budget. This rose one year after as over ten financial institutions joined the money transfer business.

This increase in companies sure makes financial transactions and services easier but not all are operating legally and cases of fraud are reported. In the city of Douala where most financial enterprises have their base, another enterprise comes up with additional features: International money transfer, travel services.

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Launched on July 26 2021 in Douala, SB Capital offer a variety of foreign currency exchange services. The services include manuel foreign currency exchange, international money transfer and travel services. According to the founders, SB Capital works with an extensive network of partners to transfer money worldwide. The office is also designed to ensure maximum privacy for transactions.

SB Capital, affordable rates

“SB Capital is a one stop shop which will take away the unending queues, initiate money transfers at affordable rates with a well trained customer service. We have taken measures to ensure you transact with us in a secure environment”,

Eho Henry Sukate, one of the founders.

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He also explains that money transfer and its related services is thus made easier thanks to the experience they got from Great Britain. SB capital is thus a house that aims at making financial and travel services accessible and in a long run, this will be done with a click.

Wankui Vera