Rev. Fr. Basile Sede Noujio (Ph.D.)

An African is an example of an animal“, Rev. Fr. Basile Sede Noujio (Ph.D.). The Catholic priest and writer, pens down his critical view of the African ideology in his book titled “Hegel’s Philosophy of History; A Challenge to the African Thinker, Compliments to Leopold Sedar Senghor’’. An avenue to reawaken the African mind in a context plagued by neo colonialism. Years after independence, several African countries according to some philosophers are still under colonial imperialism leaving their resources, cultures exploited by strangers.

“The present situation makes me question whether we have not given whites a reason to think we are sub humans”;

Rev. Fr. Basile Sede Noujio (Ph.D.).

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The free thinker further sees Africans as a blessed people, who can make the most of their surroundings quoting the achievements in fighting Covid19. In his other book “Comparing Cultures and Religions in a Postmodern World” Rev. Fr. Basile Sede Noujio (Ph.D.) is positive “that all that is preached in the Bible had before the arrival of the whites been practiced by our ancestors”. Africans have values and these values are gradually being overshadowed by modernization.


A view shared by social activist and lawyer Barrister Felix Agbor Balla. We do not acknowledge our responsibility, where we fail we always shift it to others making it hard to continue from what ancestors left. The legal practitioner adds that the inability to face one’s mistakes and step up is giving a wide ground to the stranger.

We cannot only sit and blame government. We the people are the ones with power but we must change our mindset.

Wankui Vera