For the first time, Cameroonian born broke barriers to inspire business leaders across the world through her organisation, Emmi Empire Inc. which is a global hub for business and leadership networking and collaboration. Over twenty men and women were given recognition as acknowledgement for their efforts in boosting entrepreneurial skills in and out of Africa.

The inaugural Honorary Award on Leadership and Business was an exceptional gathering that brought together dignitaries from various countries as participants. Organizers say the event venue, Union Station, was the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion.

“Wooow, I thank God for the abnormal success of EMMI WOW. I congratulate me for dreaming beyond my capacity, and the Audacity to Hope for the best. The most difficult risk I have taken. It was not an entertainment event it’s leadership and Business. Pulling up business Mugu, Successful Politicians, Policy’s makers, People you book rendezvous months to meet and not sure too. The movers and shakers of the Saint Louis Missouri and other States in the USA and Countries isn’t for the faint hearted. They’ll check you up, outside and inside before they see if they’ll come“. Dr. Erise Mary Dinga.

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Emmi Empire Inc by Dr. Erise Mary Dinga

Attendees included renowned figures such as Mayor Babatunde Deinbo, the Mayor of Berkeley City, Mayor Dinah Tatman, the Mayor of Bellefontaine, H. E LAILA RAHHAL amongst other Chief Executive Officers.

Emmi Empire is a non-profit empowerment organization dedicated to helping women, especially young single mothers, pursue success. This platform assembled people from diverse backgrounds and fostering collaboration. Emmi Empire Inc. believes in the power of community and aims to provide a supportive platform for women to thrive and achieve their goals by equipping them with necessary skills and support to succeed in their personal and professional lives via mentorship, educational opportunities.

“Business transactions took place, people increase their network, and some got jobs in one night. The most beautiful part is how the award was trending on social media of the Saint Louis community. Let’s see if Cameroonians will celebrate this” Dr. Erise Mary Dinga.

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Networking and business matchmaking

The event was aimed at celebrating exceptional leadership and entrepreneurship, while fostering connections among politicians, CEO, other professionals, as it recognized outstanding individuals and provided a platform for networking and business matchmaking. The first honorary award on Leadership and Business hosted by a popular Cameroonian female entrepreneur took place on May 13 2023, in Saint Louis, Missouri USA.

Veronica Aji