rany season in Douala

Families are already in panic as the rainy season in Douala gets to its peak.

As early as 6h25 am this August 12 in the Bepanda Tonnerre vicinity, markets that were always full at this time are empty, bikes stationed at the roundabout are nowhere to be found. It is raining heavily. The day has just begun but is already presenting a dull face as the rains are bound to make their noise echo. Markets were empty but homes were full and many households welcomed the August visitor.

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7am, it is time to hit the road and head to work, but many got stranded at Pont Mbanya in the Douala 5 district; looking at the waters, moving into the river unperturbed. Online platforms were taken hostage: Tweeter, Facebook everyone reacting to the reality on the ground.
In Mabanda-Maison en Careaux, Douala 4 subdivision the scenario is same, movement is made difficult as water seeks way into the river.

“The material loss is enormous, clothes have been soaked, documents are wet, roads have been blocked. We are now living in fear”,

a seller say.

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Youpwe in the Douala 2 district, in some parts of the Douala 3 district, houses collapsed unable to stand to the raging waters.
Douala is still terrified, for this same month in 2020, many lost their loved ones, belongings and homes and till date, government has not been able to estimate the damage incurred. It rained, it is raining and the rains have just begun in Douala.

Wankui Vera