Kumba student’s carnage: Four persons sentenced to death by firing squad

Four persons found guilty of the carnage at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy on Saturday October 24, 2020 in Bamileke Street Fiango-Kumba have been sentenced to death by firing squad. After spending months in detention at the Buea central prison in the Fako division of the South West region, of the 12 arrested, YEMELI LONGTSI GILDA, KONTE PATRICK, ANGU EMMANUEL and ELANGWE KELVIN EYABE were sentenced to death by firing squad while 7 other suspects were granted bail and the fate of one of them is not known.

Charged with terrorism, hostility against fatherland, secession, insurrection, murder and illegal possession of arms and ammunitions, these men stormed the private school in Kumba Meme division of the South West region and opened fire on school children in their quest for knowledge.

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Kumba Students Carnage: Four persons sentenced to death by firing squad

One of their victims, 10 year old Favour only child to his parents breathed his last breath in school unlike his peers who perished at the Kumba hospital. His mother had cried for justice and justice is being served. Though heavy for Barrister Tamfu

“If I was a lawyer to the accused, I will feel defeated because the law on terrorism spares no one”.

They have however been given ten days beginning September 6, 2021 to appeal or face the verdict.

An Appeal can change the verdict but there is no guarantee. If defence lawyers do not appeal, then the court decision will be executed

Barrister Tamfu, legal practitioner.

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To Barrister Richard Tamfu: “the verdict is hard but it is the law”.

Seven children had died and 13 others sustained injuries in the carnage now called Black October in Kumba on Saturday October 24, 2020. The deadliest attack since the start of the Anglophone crisis in the South West region.

Wankui Vera