Balafon Music Awards 2021. The winners

“The North West is sick, but we are proud”,Witty Minstrel, a young growing Cameroon artist speaking after receiving his third award at the 9th edition of the Balafon Music Awards (BMA) in Douala-Cameroon.

During the 9th edition of the music event organised by Radio Balafon, disk jokey and beat makers were recognised. In these categories,  Dj Nivaquine of the West region and Phil Bill were the laureats. Next to them, special distinctions were given artists an music promoters. Nguime Manulo and Manuel Guyso received Balafon d’honneur while Monique Seka and Mr Tceck received Balafon special.

Indira Baboke won best religious hit for 2021 making Canadian based gospel artist Prisca Benita 2nd.

For Balafon Music Awards 2021, Lady Ponce and Happy d’Efoulan grabbed the special gifts in the category Male/Female artist of the year. They got each a check of 300.000 FCFA and a 250 hectares piece of land offered by BMA partner SCI evolution.

The come together of the young and old generation was a perfect blend

“I see the younger generation is working hard. I have discovered another music genre.This is good but that does not mean we are giving up no. We are still here and work must continue. A lioness never dies, she falls asleep”,

Sissy Dipoko, godmother of this 9th edition. On his part Witty Minstrel is promising more hits.

“I am proud and happy you all are proud of me. I am always on projects so expect more”

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Others results

For a complete reading of results for the 9th edition:

Best beatmaker= Phil Bill

Best Dj= Dj Nivaquine

Best gospel artist= Indira

Best traditional song= Witty Minstrel with his title *Be proud*

Female revelation= Maureen Forbah gospel artist.

Male revelation= Happy d’Efoulan

Album of the year= Supreme of Lady Ponce

Song of the year= Nyama of Aveiro Djess

Best video clip= Be proud of Witty Minstrel

Best collaboration = Be proud of Witty Minstrel

Female voice= Charlotte Dipanda

Male voice= Cysoul

The 9th edition of Balafon Music Awards is over, and everyone is bracing up for the 10th edition with more exciting moments.

Veronica Aji