Since March 15 2023, farmers in the North West region of Cameroon have been actively cultivating, struggling to meet up with the March-April planting period. One of them is Pascal SUH, an IDP who fled the crisis in Bafut and sought refuge in Bamendakwe “since 2021 that I came here, it has not been easy. My family gave me a piece of land to cultivate and feed my family”

In the Northwest region, not all grounds are proper for all types of crops but faced with the growing demand, the people turn to fertilizer and manure to grow their plants. Of recent, they have witnessed the rise in prices of seeds, manure and fertilizer.

“5 litres of red bean seed moved from 2000frs to 4500frs… In 2021, a bag of fertilizer was 16000frs but now it is about 45000frs”

another farmer Regina Atongsiri cries as she and her other female friends depend on fertilizer to have a good yield.

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Plea for seeds or fertlizer

While waiting to gather money and get a bag of fertilizer, some farmers do collective tilling commonly called “njangi” where they work together, share excesses of previous harvests and help one another plant.

Unable to produce on a large scale, they plead on government through the regional delegation of Agriculture to assist them with seeds or fertilizer so that they can have a better harvest this year.

In mid March,farmers plant maize and beans, which is harvested by June-July, then plant sweet potato in May to be harvested by November -December.

The North West region is known for its great contribution in feeding Cameroonians and persons in neighbouring Nigeria.

Veronica Aji