Des employés de Bee Group. Photo Bee

We have increased our number of bikes with about 300 new motobikes and recruited more youths in Douala and Yaounde”, general director and copromoter of Bee Group, Boris Timani. With this move, the young start up company which specialises in transportation of persons and goods plans to boost productivity and also strengthen customer- producer relations.
Launched in Cameroon in 2018 in the city of Douala, Bee Group today has won the trust of many Cameroonians who rely on them for deliveries and even transportation of school children. From 2018 to 2021, they have expanded their services to Yaounde and intend going out of Cameroon in the coming years. Targeting Kinshasa in DR Congo and Ivory Coast.

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The Group has granted employment to over 200 youths and needs more than 50 million FCFA to develop across Africa.

“At Bee Group we give our employees the chance to pay for their bikes progressively and in the end, they become owners and that makes them autonomous”, Boris Timani, general director and copromoter of the Group.


Security, credibility, Safety …

Their transborder activities will enable the population regain trust in the motobike sector. Boris Timani, general director and copromoter of Bee Group, saysBee Group brings forth security, credibility as each bike rider has a helmet and all necessary equipments to keep them safe if there is an accident. All Bee bikers have a recognised driving licence and a health insurance”.
Making known their vision for the coming years, Bee Group which englobes two entities that of transportation and deliveries officially joins the startups supported by the tech hub Activspaces and thus received financial assistance from their partner Cameroon Angel Network (CAN) and the African Business Angles Network (ABAN).

Veronica AJI