numéro vert 1523

The number 1523 adopted by the Cameroon Human Rights Commission will be open for complaints, listening, supporting and guiding.

Going by the president of the commission professor James Mouangue Kobila, this number 1523 will enable the Cameroon Human Rights Commission (CHRC) “better fulfill its human rights promotion and protection“. Since its creation, the CRHC has diagnosed several cases of abuse and torture especially in detention facilities. Between 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, 58 detention facilities and prisons have been visited to check human rights abuses.

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The launch of a toll free number, is in line with the 3rd mandate of the body which is to act as national mechanism for the prevention of torture and empowered to exercise the function in all detention facilities in Cameroon. The Cameroon Human Rights Commission handles all cases free and is a zero corruption institution.

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Veronica Aji